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Katrina sister MMS leaked

Posted in Uncategorized by chakpakblogs2 on February 4, 2010
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Katrina Sister Isabella

Katrina Sister Isabella

Hot and screen diva of bollywood industry,Katrina Kaif‘s sister MMS was leaked on website. Isabella, hot 10 minutes MMS video clip leaked on You Tube, it was shown that it was not an Indian girl having sex with the stranger. According to the reliable sources- the girl in the MMS is Katrina’s sister Isabella.

Earlier, Bebo and Shahid’s MMS was leaked on Internet,which has created distraction. After that video of Shahid and Kareena many celebrities MMS videos was leaked, but there was any proof of that. But this MMS video is becoming hot in UK and India these days.

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  1. smriti khera said,

    katrina di u r really so beautiful,and .cute.my papaji also like u and ur dance so much.plz join me on orkut….

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